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Use Escrow When Listing Goods on Auction Sites

Selling online products can be an excellent way to create new sources of income However, rising rates of online theft and fraud can make it a risky venture in the event that you fail to protect yourself. This is particularly relevant if you sell your products on auction websites or run an independent online store rather than selling on sites such as Amazon.com.

The most sophisticated safeguards for online transactions are introduced each day. The methods of fraud increasing in sophistication. Criminals quickly learn how to thwart the latest security techniques and come up with new ways to bilk people from money and even goods.

Utilizing an escrow service can dramatically reduce your chance of making a sale on the internet. This is especially true when you are selling expensive items like video games, electronics, consoles, jewelry, watches and other similar items and if you frequently showcase your items on auction websites such as eBay. It is interesting to note that eBay has a policy of using online escrow services to sell such items. A escrow online service guarantees that neither the seller nor the buyer is in control of the product and money simultaneously and gives both parties peace of assurance.

If you use an escrow service it is still necessary to showcase your products on your domain escrow or auction website, however once a customer decides to purchase your product, you can close the sale via the website of the escrow service. The escrow service is a neutral third-party that can help facilitate the transaction in a secure manner and ensure both parties are secure and happy. With a minimal cost you can make a transaction on an escrow service and the buyer sends his money to the escrow company instead of directly paying you. The escrow firm will confirm the payment prior to you send the merchandise. When the buyer confirms receipt of the items and accepts the purchase the escrow service relinquishes control of the funds in your favor.

This way, both the buyer and you are secure. The payment is secured prior to delivering your product. You don’t have to worry about chargebacks and bad checks, or poor payments or even non-payment. The buyer can check to see if he is satisfied with the merchandise prior to making the payment available on your credit card. Since you will not receive any credit card details from customers or banking details There’s no reason to fret about keeping them safe or worrying about identity thieves getting into your website and taking that information.

Sometimes, scammers have plans to steal goods from sellers by using fake escrow providers that falsely claim that they have received money and tell you to go ahead and ship the items. If a buyer chooses to use an escrow provider that he prefers, search for evidence that the service is legitimate. Check through the Internet in search of independent references such as reviews and directories, as well as articles that show it’s been operating for a long time. Look through the WHOIS database to ensure that the owner of the website address is the escrow provider. Also, make sure the website is protected by 128-bit data encryption . It must be able to provide an URL (address) that begins by a “https ://”.

Furthermore, your escrow experience is more enjoyable and rewarding when you select an escrow provider that has these characteristics:

• The service of dispute resolution that will offer a platform for you and the buyer to work out any issues that might come up. * A variety of payment options that include debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers and wire transfer
An intuitive and user-friendly interface that is quick and easy to do business.
Multi-currency facilities accept transactions in the top global currencies, such as EUR, USD & GBP particularly if you sell products to customers from other countries.
* Comprehensive support and FAQ section
Step-by step instructions for transaction

PayPrimo.com is an ideal model for an online escrow service with all the necessary features. PayPrimo also offers the open-fee schedule which lets you calculate error-free fees due. It also offers an array of payment options such as debit card, credit card as well as wire transfer. Alongside the most up-to-date security features and user-friendly options, PayPrimo also operates an affiliate program that makes it easier to make use of PayPrimo for all of your deals on the internet.

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