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How Do I Make My Laptop Faster? 3 Top Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

When you bought your laptop, it was probably fast enough, right? Perhaps the last thing on your mind was wondering “how do I make my laptop faster?” Or maybe you just want an injection of speed? In this article, I’ll tell you some tweaks and tricks you can use today to make your laptop faster with my 3 top ways to speed up your computer.

Tip 1 – Lose The Fancy Graphics

Both XP and Vista automatically come with “enhanced graphics”. Did you know that “XP” stands for “experience”?

Sadly, these graphics and animations are nothing but a novelty. I recommend you turn them down for higher performance. Right click “My Computer” and select Properties to find out more. You can watch Complete Video about how to increase speed of windows 10 laptop

Tip 2 – How To Increase Pagefile Size

This is another good way to speed up your computer.

Your pagefile is a space on the hard disk that Windows uses to help manage all your applications.

By default, it is of variable size and can end up fragmented all over your disk which means everything slows down.

I recommend increasing it to 3 times the amount of RAM you have. Then make it a constant size and ideally run it on a separate partition. Even better, on another hard disk if you have a spare.

Again, check out the properties for “My Computer”.

Tip 3 – Clean Your System With A Program

My system used to slow down really quickly after just a few days browsing. I managed to delete all temp files in IE and Firefox, as well as for Windows generally. But still, my browser history and other data was there, I couldn’t work out why.

Turns out that you cannot really wipe clean a PC unless you have a specialist program. At the time, I used a privacy wiping program but these days that is not necessary because the all-in-one registry repair software usually also comes with many other useful utilities such as evidence cleaner, registry repair, memory tweak, internet optimization and more.

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