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Home Video Surveillance – Not Just Tapes Anymore

Modern day home video surveillance systems not only include the action on video tapes but digital videos are now available.

With the older style home video surveillance that utilizes VHS tapes, the tapes were recording at a slower speed and had to be changed each day. The quality of the recording would vhs to dvd Perth diminish over time due to the age of the tapes. This is because it is not economically practical to use a new tape each day. There are some home video surveillance systems that use a library of 30 tapes to record a month’s worth of surveillance, but the common practice is to use 2 tapes and rotate them. This limits the allotted time to go back and review the events that have been recorded.

With the advances in digital technology, this limitation has been mostly removed. Today’s home video surveillance can be recorded digitally. The only limitation will be the available space on the hard drive. The more the space, the longer the recordings can be kept. But that is not the only reason to utilize the digital video recording application. Unlike the old VHS tapes that had to be recording at a slower speed to capture 24 hours on one tape, a digital recording can be done at any speed that is allowed by the space on the hard drive.

The time allotment for viewing the recordings is now unlimited. A digital recording can not only be kept on the hard drive for viewing at the convenience of the security personal, but transferred to a flash drive for detailed and in-depth review by authorities.

There are many different types of systems, but the right home video surveillance system for your property will be decided by the home owner and their budget.


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