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Coffee Gifts Are Delicious And Beautiful!

Gourmet coffee gifts are absolutely wonderful to give and receive. My first encounter with a gourmet coffee gift was a few years ago when a darling coworker gave me a wonderful Coffee Gift Box. It was filled with all sorts of coffee-related goodies, and I just absolutely adored it! Since that time I have been giving these gifts as well for various holidays and celebrations.

The great thing about these gorgeous gifts is they can range in price from very inexpensive to quite elaborate.

Something as simple as a $10 gift card to Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, or another gourmet coffee shop is a great way to let some know you care. A next step up may be buying a bag of gourmet coffee beans, attaching a gift card and wrapping it with a pretty bow! This is something that would surely make your coworkers and neighbors feel special.

Make These Easy Gift Boxes For The Coffee Lover In Your Life | Collective  Gen

For something a little more elaborate, say for a special occasion such as a Birthday or Anniversary, it is a great idea to give a fancy gift basket. As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, this would also be a great gift for that special sweetie, girlfriend or boyfriend, or spouse in your life! Personal touches to the basket such as a box of nice chocolates, or a pretty framed picture of the happy couple make the perfect love-filled touches to this edible gift basket!

Some of my favorite things to include in the basket are one pound bags of gourmet coffee, chocolate covered espresso beans, fancy sugars and delicious syrups. My husband recently found the most wonderful think vanilla syrup at our local fancy foods shop. Not only is this perfect to add to coffee, it is also great over ice cream and drizzled on pancakes or muffins. It is a very delicious and versatile gift not only to be used with the coffee! I also love to include some fancy sugar. I like to buy the raw vanilla flavored sugar that is actually perfumed with a vanilla pod. This is such a pretty addition to the basket and is quite inexpensive!

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